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This Seasons Must Have

Blam! Gallery, Dortmund, Germany, 2017.

Blam! Produzenten Galerie



We were invited by Blam! gallery in partnership with East Street Arts to develop a set of works following on from our work ‘Out Of Bounds’ presented at 130 Vicar Lane, Leeds in 2016.


In a continuation of our investigation into barriers of movement and the conflicts of migration this exhibition was formulated from an observation of the current migrant displacement through the news and social media, questioning perception of and disconnections from the crisis.

“Like a fashion trend the media gives shock headline coverage of the migrant crisis but then quickly gets bored before humanising the individuals involved.” (Chris Woodward)

This Seasons Must Have focused on notions of hope, fear and tragedy, pushing the audience to question their own perceptions and their own fears. 

Interview at Eldoradio - Unknown Artist
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