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Woolgather's Art Vend

2013 - 2015

Over a period of 18 months Woolgather commissioned new works from artists across the UK to be sold from vending machines in public venues. The project was culminated with an exhibition showcasing examples of all of the commissioned works and a publication. 

The machines provided a platform for creative practice whilst also developing an audience and consumer for the works. Art Vend offered people an art experience amongst everyday life and an open door to a contemporary art scene. Woolgather hope that the artwork received provided a more satisfactory or challenging reward than the standard interaction with a vending machine.

Art Vend aimed to question the commercial value and commodification of artist products and to give space to more informal artistic ideas, as opposed to, finalised grandiose works - with a little room for fun.

This project was made possible by the support of Arts Council England, Leeds Inspired, Leeds City Council, East Street Arts, all the venues that hosted the machines, many individual efforts, the many artists involved and many new-found art buyers.

Annie, Chris and John

The Woolgather Team

art vend2
art vend 3
art vend 10
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Art Vend 1
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